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Updated: Jan 23, 2021

I’ve never been one to aspire to set out or follow through with New Year Resolutions, I’m not sure why, I guess I’ve never felt the need. However, this year I decided that with extra time now thanks to a third U.K. lockdown for COVID-19, I wanted to take the time to focus in on how I can reach my goals and what aims I could set to work towards.

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of investing in a goals book so that I’m not only thinking about my goals but I’m documenting them and writing out how to reach them and what rewards I can earn if and when I do reach them.

I am considering my goals less of a new year resolution thing and more of a self improvement and development thing which will be an ongoing process.

I’m working out by myself more than ever before and feeling great for it, in fact I’ve even got myself into running – something I never thought I’d be saying! I’m eating healthier and exploring with cooking more than the usual 8 meals I used to cycle with. I am proceeding with dry January, but trust me it will just be for January haha. I’m not really craving a drink but I know that with not being able to be with friends and focusing on being healthier and university work, it makes it a lot easier to pass up a glass of wine or fresh crisp beer each night (okay maybe I’m missing it a little, but I’m not far from reaching the end of January!).

Aside from health goals, I’ve set myself to read far more, do the best I possibly can with uni work and connect with my friends more, in particular my international friends. I feel like I’m always feeling guilty for not speaking to friends for so long, and it is difficult when they’re all across the world. But by making excuses like tricky time zones or ‘not having enough time to fit it in today’ is all BS and I need to put that aside, who am I kidding telling myself that? It doesn’t make me feel any better about not speaking to them or knowing what’s gone on in their lives for the past 6- 9 weeks.

So, for any of you who have set out new goals OR are working towards existing ones, or even those who have struggled with them, I’d love to hear what they are!

Important note- if you’re not where you want to be with your goals yet, don’t worry and don’t panic! You can get to them! And with the right determination, you will get to them!

I have too admit when writing my goals out, there’s a little ‘rewards’ line in my much loved new goals book and I realised that I suck at giving myself rewards for when I achieve something that I’ve been working towards. Maybe it’s just because reaching that goal itself is enough of a reward for me! I’m quite happy with that. Or also that my wonderful support team behind me (aka my family and friends) are always finding reasons to celebrate so we do tend to celebrate even the small things which I guess I consider as rewards.

Anyone with any great reward or goal ideas, let me and other readers know what they are by leaving a much loved comment.

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I love your positive approach to setting and working towards your goals (or self improvement/development), Olivia. Life-long learning can be so enriching, there's so much to find out about both inwardly and outwardly!! Enjoy the journey, it may be a bit bumpy at times but for every 'NO', think 'Next Opportunity' and when we 'FAIL', it is merely a 'First Attempt In Learning'. Your Growth Mindset will ensure you succeed in whatever you do. 😊

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